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Awgu Media Practitioners:

Awgu Media Practitioners Unveil Forum to Set Agenda, Help, and Hold Leaders to Account.

          Awgu Media Practitioners Unveil Forum to Set Agenda to hold Leaders to Account

Awgu Media Practitioners: A group of media gurus under the umbrella of Greater Awgu Media Professionals (GAMP), has on

Saturday, 26th March during media conclave(A sub program of Freedom Square) unveiled their

forum as a social corporate responsibility mechanism aimed to mobilize and sensitize the grassroots

within the Awgu cultural zone to hold their leaders accountable and also to set agenda and help

government in order to fast track development in the area.

Making the disclosure on Freedom Square, a radio interactive program anchored by a member

of the forum, Hon. Dr. Cyril Anioke on Solid 100.9 FM, three principal officers of the group stated

that the forum is not a political group, rather it is a body of media professionals who are concerned

about the development or lack thereof in the three local government areas making up the Awgu cultural zone.


Regis Anukwuoji, Chairman of GAMP


According to Mr. Regis Anukwuoji, Chairman of GAMP, the forum which consists of practicing

journalists from the three local governments of the old Awgu division has been in the works for

the past four years and has produced a research book where it has documented its development

agenda for the zone based on its findings. The research book will help leaders both at the governmental and community levels to set agenda and have a benchmark for effective development of the area.

It will also be a mechanism to sensitize the people in order to hold their leaders accountable.

Disclosing that they have already written to council chairman and other leaders in the zone, the Vice

Chairman, Comrade Godwin Ogwo, and the Secretary of the forum, Mr. Obinna Ogbuka stressed that

the forum is not out to witch-hunt leaders rather they want to foster peace and synergize with all stakeholders as partners in other to develop the area.

Awgu Media Practitioners:                                                            The call on town union leaders

They therefore call on town union leaders, age grades, youths, market women, local council chairmen

and all other stakeholders to corporate with them and respond to their call as they embark on their

mission to interrogate serving leaders, set agenda for upcoming ones, and offer trainings and sensitization of the grassroots to be responsible citizens and demand accountability where it is due.

It is the believe of the Greater Awgu Media Professionals (GAMP) that the forum will succeed given the

high caliber individuals in the forum who see the call as a core corporate social responsibility of the fourth

estate of the realm, the media, and are therefore all out and determined to serve the people of Greater Awgu.

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