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Fragile Peace: President Kiir to Pardon War Criminals

South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir, has on Monday, March 28, granted pardon to all those indicted of war crime in the country so as to help in the process of the nation’s reconciliation and healing.

The President who made the pronouncement in public address directed that all intelligence reports on how the country’s long-running civil war began be declassified.

In his words, “This is very important so that the people of South Sudan know the truth and judge for themselves, and from this knowledge, we must tell the truth because genuine reconciliation has its basis on it.”

“So there is no cause for alarm over this, because we are interested in it for the public to know the truth about the background of the conflict in our country.”

This is coming shortly after the nation’s First Vice President, Riek Macher, condemned the heavy deployment of trips around his residence, an act that has generated speculation that the fragile peace in South Sudan may not endure.


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