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I Am A Nigerian Youth, I Am Not On The Street Because Of S.Mobile – Krukrubo

A Nigerian youth, Victor Krukrubo, on Wednesday revealed that as a Nigerian youth, he is not presently on the street because S.Mobile Netzone Nig Ltd created an enabling environment for him to thrive and make a living for himself.

Krukrubo, who is the Human Resources Officer of S.Mobile, made the revelation during the telecommunication company’s on-boarding of dealers for its land breaking S.Mobile Data Pin products in Port Harcourt,  Rivers State, to cover the South-South region. He said:

One of the things about this organization is that it has created a lot of avenues for the Nigerian youths to have something doing. Starting from me, I am a Nigerian youth; I am not on the street because I have a job to do. Why, because S.Mobile has created that enabling environment for me to thrive and make a daily bread for myself, likewise couple of persons also in this organization: Also outside this organization. The company has put in resources to help people out there – through outreaches and investment in small and medium scale businesses and all that. Even the ongoing forum is also a way of empowering the youths because with little resource, you can have something doing and make ends meet for yourself. Yes, it has been a very good one in that regards. So we are spreading across board and hopefully the company aims to touch more lives and create more job opportunities for more Nigerians.

S.Mobile has embarked on a nationwide revolution of empowering Nigerians with its S.Mobile Data Pin products whereby it offers training, sales materials, actual products as well as credit facilities for interested dealers who are ready to partner with the telecommunication company. The plan, presently, is to create employment opportunities for at least 200,000 Nigerians to have a better living doing a very lucrative business in partnership with S.Mobie.

Charity, they say begins at home and this rings through in S.Mobile whose work environment is topnotch not just in terms of the physical facility, but most importantly on staff working relationship. The HR Officer, Krukrubo is not only off the street, thanks to S.Mobile, he equally enjoys job fulfillment the emerging telecommunications leader, S.Mobile, has to offer. In his own words:

It has been a thrilling experience since I joined the organization. The management staff from the MD to every other staff, we have been like a family. The working environment has been a very conducive one. Staff members are allowed to grow and express themselves and also be innovative. If you find yourself in a toxic environment your growth will be restrictive and the rest of it, but if you find yourself in an environment where you are allowed to grow, you become very innovative and do better career wise. Yes, the environment has been a very encouraging one and that has been reflecting on the staff. There have been a lot of improvements and we are still moving higher.


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