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  • “I am in the governorship race to win it” APGA’s Nweke debunks the claim of stepping down.

“I am in the governorship race to win it” APGA’s Nweke debunks the claim of stepping down.

Frank Nweke Jr, the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance has debunked rumours of his withdrawal from the gubernatorial race, calling it the work of political desperados determined to keep Enugu in a web of lies and ineptitude.

In a statement released to the press on Thursday, March 2, 2023, the leading governorship candidate said the upsurge in misinformation, malignment, and outright fake news against him within 72 hours was a testament to the acceptance of his message of awakening in Enugu State.

Apart from the news of his withdrawal, he noted that other claims of his congratulatory message to Tinubu and the purported assertion to approve ranches for herdsmen upon winning the election were both lies.

Their anger is that the citizens have woken up and are ready to take back our State. Through my campaign, I have not, and I will not engage in their politics of character assassination and bitterness.

“Instead, I will focus on how Enugu will have water, how Enugu will be clean, how our roads will be smooth, how our youths can begin to dream again, how technology will be harnessed for the progress of everyone. My focus is on getting ndi Enugu to know that the Okuko Igbo symbol on the ballot paper is where their fingerprint must go on March 11” he stated.

He further invited the people of Enugu to tune in to his media interviews on Saturday and Sunday, noting that he would be on Solid 100.9FM on Saturday morning at 10am, on Twitter Space at 8pm and by Sunday, Facebook Live at 8pm.

He also tweeted;

The trouble with Nigeria (Enugu) is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. Nigeria (Enugu) can change today if she discovers leaders who have the intellect, vision, strength of character, and personal discipline. – Chinua Achebe.

Skill is the new currency, hence my great attention to areas like innovation and technology, technical training, sports filmmaking, entertainment, fashion and design, and other crafts.
Enugu State will be envied for the number of skilled and innovative young people.

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