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If You Speak Even A Word Against My Prophet, Your Tongue Will Be Cut’ – Muslim cleric

On June 4, a video of Maulana Mufti Nadeem of Bundi, Rajasthan, went viral on social media in which he threatened to gouge eyes and chop the hands of those who speak against Prophet Mohammad. The controversial statement came in the backdrop of the remarks made by Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Maulana Mufti gave the provocative statement in the presence of Rajasthan Police.

The Muslim community had gone to meet the collector on June 3 to submit a memorandum regarding the remarks made by Sharma. While addressing the crowd at Collectorate premises in the presence of Police, Maulana Mufti said,

“If the administration says it is not against the law, we will go against the law. If it is against the law, the local administration and the union government must listen… If she has done blasphemy against my master, which she has done, and if someone else does the same, listen carefully… take action against them. If you fail to take action, Muslims will take the matter into their hands.

He added,

“If Muslims give reactions, look at the history, whenever Muslims gave reaction against any community they became homeless. If you do not take action, we will react. This is not a request. This is an open threat. The Muslims from everywhere around the world will rise, and we know how to take revenge for the blasphemy against my master.

Threatening to chop hands and gouge eyes for blasphemy, he said,

You can abuse me, I will tolerate. You can abuse my father, I will tolerate it. You can abuse my family, I will tolerate it. But if you speak even a word against my Nabi, your tongue will be cut. If you raise your hands, they will be chopped. If you raise your finger, it will be chopped. Even if you raise your eyes, we will gouge the eyes and throw them away. After that, you can throw us in jail or do a lathi-charge, we will tolerate it. But we cannot tolerate a word against Nabi.

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