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S.Mobile Announces New Upfront Discount Promo For 6th To 10th June: Calls On All Those Interested To Come And Benefit

S.Mobile Netzone Nig. Ltd, a fast rising telecommunications company with a vision to be one of the biggest players in the telecom sector in Africa, on Monday announced a new upfront discount promo for its data pin products. The promo is to run from 6th to 10th of June.
S.Mobile has been in the news in the past weeks whereby it has stormed a number of places like Nsukka, Enugu-Ezike and Port Harcourt where it on-boarded dealers offering discounted prices and life changing business opportunities for its partners on the groundbreaking S.Mobile Data Pin products.
According to S.Mobile’s Regional Sales Coordinator South East/South South, Paul Phillips, who made the announcement while on S.Mobile Connect, the company’s sponsored program on Solid 100.9 FM, Enugu, although the time span for the promo is short, people stand to benefit massively from it.
In his words:
“Last month, within 17th and 31st of May, we had an upfront discount promo that slashed our prices, like 1 Gig to N266. It gave room for people to determine how much profit they can make for themselves. But this time around, we are having it even much more lower than that. This time around, we are taking it to N235 which is far away from what we used to sell. As far as you are buying from 1000 Gigs and above, you get the price for N235.”

Shading more light on the mouth watering promo, S.Mobile’s South East Operations Manager, Mr. Francis Iheanacho , explained that the promo is meant for the company’s dealers and resellers who buy in bulk and that they should ensure that they benefit while the promo runs.
He said:

“The promo is majorly for our dealers and resellers, people who are buying in bulk, people who can come and buy these products in bulk. So we are calling on our dealers and people who are interested to become our dealers to come and buy this product. If you can buy up to 1000 Gig, the data will be sold to you at that discounted rate. So, we are calling upon them to come so they can benefit right now that the promo is still ongoing between 6th and 10th as has been mentioned.”

For dealers and resellers, S.Mobile works out a mechanism where interested individuals know where they can belong to. For example, there are different categories. There are dealers in the platinum level, which is the first category of dealers and people in the category are expected to do a minimum of 950,000 Gigs a month. That qualifies them to be Platinum Dealers. The second category is Diamond Dealers expected to do up to 500,000 Gigs in a month. There is also Gold Dealers who are to do 50,000 Gigs in a month.
There is another category of dealers that are expected to do 30,000 in a month. There is a category for resellers and they are supposed to do a minimum of 10,000 Gigs per month. Finally, there is a category that can be open to many people, that is the category of Sales Agents. They are expected to do a minimum of 2000 Gigs a month. For the entire categories, everyone that is participating has opportunity to get upfront discount and also to get backend commission for trading in these various categories.
S.Mobile also announced that the company will storm Ebonyi state on Wednesday 8th June to raise dealers and resellers and at the same time touch the lives of people in all the local government areas therein.

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