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Where is Tinubu?

Where is Tinubu? Atiku’s camp raises concerns over his whereabout

                Where is Tinubu? Atiku’s camp raises concerns over his whereabout

Where is Tinubu?: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar’s camp has expressed concerns

over the whereabouts and health status of President-elect, Bola Tinubu. Atiku’s spokesperson, Daniel Bwala,

has urged Nigerians to pray for Tinubu as the posting of his old photographs as recent ones suggests a

cover-up regarding his state of health and whereabouts. Bwala stated that opposition parties are not

asking about Tinubu’s health or whereabouts but are focused on the presidential election petition.

Bwala expressed dismay that the Tinubu camp continues to release old photos and videos that suggest

recent events, which have always been proved wrong. He noted that what Tinubu needs from Nigerians

as patriots are prayers, not the “nonsense” that uncoordinated media minions around him continue to spread.

He criticized the incompetence of the focus-less media aids around Tinubu and urged them to desist from

spreading false information.

the Alarm

The concerns raised by the Atiku camp come amid the controversy surrounding Tinubu’s absence

from Nigeria. Rumours have been circulating on social media about Tinubu’s health, with some

suggesting that he is receiving medical treatment abroad. Although some of his allies have dismissed

the rumours, many Nigerians are still worried about his whereabouts.

Tinubu is a key figure in Nigerian politics and was instrumental in the formation of the ruling

All Progressives Congress (APC). His absence from Nigeria has led to speculation about his future in

politics and his ability to play a significant role in the APC going forward.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of an alleged rift between Tinubu and President Muhammadu

Buhari, with some suggesting that the President is trying to sideline Tinubu from the APC. However, these

reports have been dismissed by both Tinubu’s allies and the Presidency.

the dismissed report

Going forward, the concerns raised by the Atiku camp regarding Tinubu’s health and whereabouts

highlight the need for transparency and accountability in Nigerian politics. Nigerians deserve to know

the truth about their leaders, and it is the responsibility of the government and the media to ensure that

information is disseminated accurately and promptly. As Nigeria prepares for the next election cycle,

it is essential that all stakeholders work together to uphold the principles of democracy and ensure a peaceful and transparent process.

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