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Ashoka Africa Launches “Everyone a Changemaker” Movement In Nigeria, Comes To Enugu July, 28

Ashoka Africa – Innovators for the Public, an international non-profit organization that promotes a global mindset for change makers, on Saturday announced its launching of “Everyone a Changemaker” Movement in Nigeria.

Ashoka Africa made the announcement through it’s members, all Fellows, who featured as guests on Freedom Square, an interactive radio program on Solid 100.9 FM, Enugu, which was anchored by Hon. Uchenna Cyril Anioke, PhD.

Josephine Nzerem, Director Venture and Talent, Ashoka Africa, in her contribution, virtually from Lagos, to the program, explained that “Everyone a Changemaker” Movement in Nigeria advocates that everyone can be a changemaker no matter one’s station in life.
In her words:
“I know that it sounds a little bit difficult for some people because they expect that when we say “everyone a changemaker,” that means everyone would launch an organization or everyone would launch a project, but that is not what we are saying. What we are actually saying is for everyone to find their power to be changemakers, to be change agent in whatever area they are in, wherever they find themselves, to try to do things differently; think outside the box. If you are in a place where people are compromising, do not join them. You should be the change agent there.
So, everybody needs to be a changemaker, whether you are a market woman, a sales person or you are in an office. And being a changemaker means having the ability to lead the change – to represent that society that you are clamoring for.”
She said that the ideal society we all yearn for would be possible if everyone did the right thing.
“Imagine a world where everything is working, where everyone does the right thing, that world will become beautiful,” she said, calling for all hands to be on deck for us to bring about that beautiful world.
In his own submissions, Tobenna Agujiobi, a Human Capacity Development expert who was an in-house guest on the radio program, said that the  movement is not meant for extraordinary people, rather it is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. He stressed that an essential ingredient is the change of mindset to effect the needed change.
Other guests who shed light on the “Everyone a Changemaker” Movement in Nigeria during the program are Okey Uzoechina, Vice President Youth Years, Ashoka Africa and Angelou Ezeilo, Vice President Empathy, Ashoka Africa.
They used the occasion to announce that Ashoka Africa will be bringing “Everyone a Changemaker” movement in Nigeria to Enugu on July, 28 and that plans are underway to lunch it in major cities and in each of the other geopolitical zones in the country.
They therefore called on the good people of Enugu to turn up in their numbers at the occasion and be part of the much needed change that will make the society a better place for all.

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