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Sudan Crisis: Ethiopia stops fleeing Nigerians:

Sudan Crisis: Ethiopia stops fleeing Nigerians

                        Sudan Crisis: Ethiopia stops fleeing Nigerians

Sudan Crisis: Ethiopia stops fleeing Nigerians: The ongoing conflict in Sudan has led to several Nigerian students fleeing the country, seeking refuge

in neighboring Ethiopia. However, the situation for these students remains precarious, with reports

indicating that some were denied entry into Ethiopia. The Federal Government has confirmed these reports,

but has assured that the issue is being addressed. Nigerian authorities in Ethiopia are working to secure

clearance for the fleeing students, but have emphasized that the journey is risky, and self-evacuation is not advisable.

Meanwhile, the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, announced that the warring generals in

Sudan have agreed to a three-day ceasefire starting on Tuesday, April 25, at midnight. This comes after

previous attempts to pause the conflict failed. Blinken has urged the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to uphold the ceasefire fully during this period. The United States is also working with partners to establish a committee to negotiate a permanent ceasefire in Sudan.

Sudan Crisis: Ethiopia stops fleeing Nigerians: the conflicts

As the conflict rages on, foreign countries have rushed to evacuate their nationals from Sudan.

The Director of Special Duties for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA),

Dr. Onimode Bandele, is the Chairman of NEMA’s Committee for the Evacuation of the Stranded

Nigerians from Sudan. He has confirmed that the stranded Nigerian students are receiving the necessary attention, and the Nigerian Ambassador in Egypt has assured him that the ambassador in Ethiopia is working to secure their passage.

However, Bandele has cautioned against self-evacuation, stating that it is risky and that those who opt to do so should be prepared to bear the consequences. He urged Nigerians to wait for further instructions from the Federal Government, especially the ambassador in Sudan, who is with them and would guide them on the best course of action.

the government

The Federal Government has been making preparations to evacuate about 5,500 stranded Nigerians out of Sudan through the Egyptian town of Luxor, but it is seeking Egypt’s support to move the stranded Nigerians to Luxor. The embassy of Nigeria in Sudan has requested buses from the Charge D’ Affairs to convey the students from Khartoum to Cairo on Tuesday morning, April 25. A student of the International University of Africa, Abdullah Zakari, confirmed that they would be leaving for Egypt by road on Tuesday morning, and all preparations from Khartoum have been put in place for the journey.

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