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Kidnapper Shots Colleague While Attempting To Abduct Housewife

A resident of the Ring Road area of Jos, Plateau State, Iliyasu Muhammad Hassan, has narrated how a kidnapper killed his colleague when they stormed his house and attempted to abduct his wife at about 11 pm on Monday.

Hassan, who is currently receiving treatment at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) for a gunshot injury inflicted by the kidnappers, explained to the press that the hoodlums demanded for money but he told them he had none in the house. They then told him that since he had no money, they would take his wife with them.

In his words:

“When the kidnappers decided to go with my wife, a thought came to my mind that these kidnappers would always do the same and succeed and nobody is doing anything to them.

“Anytime they go to kidnap, they do it freely without anybody saying anything to them. They do it without resistance.

“I further had another thought that if they went with her, I wouldn’t know what they would do to her and how I would cope with the children? From there, I moved to the front of my wife and said she would not go with them. The kidnappers were two, and unexpectedly I held one who was dragging her and we started fighting; for more than 30 minutes. The other one, who was holding a gun, shot at me but the bullet went to my mouth and came out through the lower jaw.

“In an attempt to shoot me for a second time, he shot his colleague on the stomach, and realising that he had killed him, he fled and left him there.”

Hassan’s wife, Nafisa Muhammad, while recounting the ordeal said she would never forget her husband’s sacrifice for her and that she would cherish him for the rest of her life. She therefore urged other men to emulate her husband’s bravery in defending their loved ones.

The featured image in this article is a picture of the suspected kidnappers.

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