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Sumas: A legacy & lifetime achievement of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and matters arising

Freedom Square on Solid 100.9FM played host to the vice chancellor, prof. James Chukwuma Ogbonna, Registrar Mr Anselem Onah and Mrs Oluchi Victoria Asogwa the PRO of the State university of medical and applied sciences (SUMAS).

The program as anchored by Hon. Uchenna Cyril Anioke discussed the State University of Medical and applied sciences as a lifetime legacy of His Excellency Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

According to the vice chancellor, the school just matriculated over 700 students.

In his words;

We matriculated over 700 students.50 students in medicine,50 in pharmacy and many more students scattered in the various departments. 

On Strategic steps the university has taken to be different from other learning institutions;

Prof pointed out that the quality Staff recruitment and topnotch learning environment in SUMAS stands them out above other universities.

“SUMAS has come to stay, we are ready and we are better equipped than the rest. He said. 

On the process of recruitment, prof Ogbonna noted that the Principal officers of the University were strictly appointed by His excellency Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and many of the local governments were represented. 

He stated clearly;

We will also make sure that students from different local government will be represented when they apply. Infrastructure alone does not make a university but the quality of staff.

“We conducted a computer based exam and shortlisted the top 600 people who were selected for interview.

“To avoid interference from other members of the staff, we hired a human resource team that conducted the interview and the procedure was not tampered with. It is all on the website.
We must have to apply meritocracy. If we make use of sentiments we won’t go anywhere. That is why we interviewed and tested the candidates. The application was also online.”

According to Dr. Anioke, the system used in recruiting can be likened to the equal opportunity employer used in America and other western countries. In other words, what we think is only obtainable in the west is also very obtainable here in SUMAS. 

The registrar, Mr Anselem Onah still on the recruitment procedure said that both the academic and non academic staff used similar recruitment procedure.

He said;

It was a CBT exam and we tried our best to avoid contact with the interviewees and I want to specially thank His Excellency Gov. Ugwuanyi for not interfering with the Recruitment process. We recruit people from different areas. It is not a local organisation, it is international and therefore it must be topnotch. So far, We recruited the best hands.”

According to professor Chukwuma Ogbonna, the school is currently running on 6 faculty buildings,12 classrooms each and 36 offices in each of the faculties and other conference halls.

The faculties in SUMAS are as follows;

  1. Clinical Medicine and Dentistry 
  2. Basic medical sciences
  3. Health Sciences 
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Engineering and Built Environment 
  6. Natural and applied sciences 

The faculties are housing various departments and the courses has been carefully selected to meet societal needs especially in areas where the country is a experiencing a shortage.” Said the vice chancellor  

He continued;
The classrooms are spacious and we use a smart interactive bot to lecture.
The smart interactive bot helps the students revise and also helps the lecturers come prepared knowing that they will be recorded.

“We have solar lights and cabled Internet and we use radio to communicate within”
The e – library is accessible to all.

“We have two hostels with over 450 bed spaces with dedicated boreholes and solar panels that guarantees 24 hour power supply and Internet.
Ten industrial boreholes are all over the campus.

A teaching hospital with over 120 bed spaces providing secondary and basic health care services.
We have about 7 departments in the hospital.
The teaching hospital is already on and the OPD section is almost completed and we will move in shortly. Mother and child hospital is already in place.”

Mr Onah said;

“A 52 sitter bus and a brand new ambulance was donated to the school. We also have helipads which was built to transit dignitaries from all over the world to the school. Just like we already said the institution is of international standard and we hope to put in our best.”

Chief Anioke asked if the fees can sustain the university and If they cannot what must be done?

In answering; Prof Ogbonna said;

the cost of maintaining good education is high and the governor has really invested in good and quality education through SUMAS and we hope it will continue to be supported by the state government. Also the governor-elect Dr. Barr. Peter Mbah is also very interested in SUMAS as was expressed in his manifesto.  I do not worry about sustainability.

Nevertheless, We will also queue into Research grants and endowment funds. Sumas has come to stay.”

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