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  • SUMAS: “We will not interfere with the recruitment process” — Prof. Ogbonna

SUMAS: “We will not interfere with the recruitment process” — Prof. Ogbonna

The Vice Chancellor of the State University of Medical and Applied Science (SUMAS) Professor James Chukwuma Ogbonna  has today on Freedom square stated that no one will interfere with the recruitment process of the school. He has also termed it one of the school’s biggest challenge so far.

According to Prof, the mindset of the people as regards recruitment procedure is a big challenge.

In his words;

People in this part of the world believe that once someone who is directly or indirectly related to them is appointed for a particular position, that he is supposed to break protocols and fix them into job positions but that is not ideal. Although I understand that this is the inherent situation in Nigeria but then we ought to do things the right way. Someone can even come up to say; he was this or that but what has he done for me? What has he done for this other person?

These days anything can be done on the computer. It is easy to print what looks like the governor’s letter-head and claim it is coming from his excellency. Such can be easily averted due to the close relationship we have with the Governor.”

The truth is, we are going to do it the right way. So far, we have not interfered with the recruitment process and we would not interfere.”

He also stated clearly that all the principal officers were duly appointed by his Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

He continued;

“We conducted a computer based exam and shortlisted the top 600 people who were selected for interview.

“To avoid interference from other members of the staff, we hired a human resource team that conducted the interview and the procedure was not tampered with. It is all on the website.
We must have to apply meritocracy. If we make use of sentiments we won’t go anywhere. That is why we interviewed and tested the candidates. The application was also online.”

We will also make sure that students from different local government will be represented when they apply. Infrastructure alone does not make a university but the quality of staff.”


Mr Anselem Onah who was also featured on the program appreciated the Governor, His excellency Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for having not interfered in the recruitment process.

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