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  • Twitter : Verified users accounts looses blue ticks
Twitter : Verified users accounts looses blue ticks

Twitter : Verified users accounts looses blue ticks

                      Twitter : Verified users accounts looses blue ticks

Twitter : Verified users accounts looses blue ticks: On Thursday, Twitter removed the blue ticks from verified accounts including those of the Pope,

Donald Trump, and Justin Bieber. The move came after Elon Musk, the site’s owner, pledged to

eliminate the “lords & peasants system” and sell the blue badge for $8 a month, as he had said in a

tweet last year that would “democratize journalism & empower the voice of the people.” Several

high-profile accounts, journalists, and politicians lost their blue ticks, raising concerns about public

confidence in the event of disasters.

US Senator Brian Schatz tweeted that there should be a way for emergency managers to verify that

they are real on the website to avoid imposters causing suffering and death. While some celebrities

still had the blue tick, Musk said he was “paying for a few personally” in response to a news article

about the removals.

Twitter : Verified users accounts looses blue ticks: the labels

Twitter has also removed labels appended to media accounts indicating they were “state affiliated” or “government funded.” This move followed disagreements between Twitter and various news organizations

that objected to these labels, which have now disappeared from many high-profile media accounts.

Twitter had long labeled accounts linked to state media or government officials, especially from

China and Russia, saying the policy focused on entities that were “the official voice of the nation

state abroad.”

Recently, however, the labels were applied to news organizations that received public funding but

were not controlled by any governments. NPR stopped using Twitter after it got that tag, and CBC

followed suit. Radio New Zealand also threatened to leave Twitter this week over the

“government-funded” label, while Sweden’s public Sveriges Radio said it would stop tweeting.

It is not immediately clear why the labels were removed, but the change was praised by some users.

the hate speech

Musk’s tumultuous ownership of Twitter has seen thousands of staff made redundant and advertisers fleeing the platform. Users have complained that hate speech and misinformation have proliferated, and accounts with extreme views are gaining traction due to less content moderation.

This month, a forecast said Twitter’s income from advertising would fall significantly in 2023. Analysts at Insider Intelligence slashed an earlier worldwide revenue estimate of $4.74 billion by more than a third to $2.98 billion as trust deteriorates.

According to research firm Pathmatics, 14 of the top 30 advertisers on Twitter have stopped advertising on the platform since Musk took charge on October 27. Insider Intelligence noted that Musk’s efforts to build up a subscription service “won’t make up for the lost ad revenue.”

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