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We Don’t Want Money, Government Knows What We Want,’ – Kaduna Terrorists

Terrorists, aka bandits, who were responsible for Abuja-Kaduna train attacks in Kaduna have in a video posted online on Wednesday threatened to kill all those they abducted if government does not give them what they want.

In the video made at the instance of the release of one of the abducted victims, Mr. Alwan Hassan, Managing Director of Bank of Agriculture, whom the terrorists claimed they were releasing because of his old age and in the spirit of Ramadan, the terrorists said their aim is not to ask for ransom for those they abducted rather the government knows what they want and that if what they want is not granted, they will kill all those they have abducted. Portions of the video, which was done in a local language, was translated and transcribed in English as follows:

“We are the group that recently abducted passengers on the train. Among them is this man that has been pleading with us due to his old age and we felt pity on him because of the month of Ramadan, so, we want to give him back to his family.

Corroborating with what the lead bandit said, his fellow comrade in arms stated this:

“I want to reiterate that what he said is true. Don’t try to  investigate immediately or to rescue them because killing them is not an issue for us.

“We don’t want your money, if we wanted money, we wouldn’t have carried out the attack. You know what we want”

Terrorists, commonly referred to as bandits by the authorities,have been getting bolder in their attacks which now include public facilities like railways and airports.

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