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Why we can’t supply military equipment to Nigeria – Japan

Japanese Government has stated its reasons for not wanting to supply military equipment to Nigeria in spite of the raging Boko Haram insurgency, Fulani herdsmen attacks and other forms of banditry in the country.

The Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Kazuyoshi Matsunaga, gave the explanation on Thursday in Abuja at a meeting with the management of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) led by its Managing Director, Alhaji Mohammad Alkali.

Mr. Matsunaga cited limitation of the military regulation, as the main reason for Japan not supplying Nigeria military equipment. However, he assured that Japan would continue to support the activity of the NEDC. He also called for improved bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Japan.

He said:

“In Japan, the Japanese media already read the news about Nigeria, not only the football, but also the Boko Haram or the terrorism in the North East. But many Japanese people misunderstand that there are many extremists in North East, but the reality is not true.

“The main reason is how we can get out of the poverty, how we can develop the economy. That is the most important part. They have called the Japanese government for support. Due to the limitation of the military regulation, we cannot supply any military equipment.

“The security is also another important area because currently major Japanese companies have been hesitant to invest in Nigeria due to the security reasons. So, as you may know that Japan is very conservative country, so we tend to avoid risk.”

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