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  • 2023: Nigerians Troll Lai Mohammed For Saying PDP Will Be Rejected

2023: Nigerians Troll Lai Mohammed For Saying PDP Will Be Rejected

Hapless Nigerians have trolled the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, online for saying that Nigerians will reject PDP in favor of his party, the APC, because, in his words, “They don’t want to go back to Egypt.

The minister who claimed the opposition PDP is trying to sabotage Muhammadu Buhari’s administration accused the party of planning another #EndSARS in the country.

Nigerians then swiftly responded to the controversial Minister on Saharareporters. Some of their comments are as follows:

Impartial01 states,APC has taken Nigeria back not only to Egypt to labour but also Babylon where lions were meant to eat up the diligent. So please tell us another story.”

Ohajianha Ozichukwu says,I am shocked that this man could still write or say anything in defense of his ill-fated apc party. While they were doing their convention in Abuja, bandits and terrorists were taking over kaduna airport. Bodies of burnt human beings were still smoldering across the Middle Belt of Nigeria. God works in mysterious ways. The day buhari signed the amended Electoral Act into law was the day apc lost power in Nigeria. This bunch of criminals will know that blackmail and wicked propaganda does not work always. Nigerians are wiser.

For TJohnson, Let me tell you this Lai, PDP will win if they present a reasonable southern alternative whose name is not Atiku. You have no record to run on except the one in your head. Buhari has been a failure, not personal but a blunt reality. Nigerians haven’t had it this bad since Buhari ‘s last outings. So sad.

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