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Atiku, Best Man To Rescue Nigeria – Chief Jim Nwobodo

The former Governor of old Anambra State in the Second Republic, Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, has applauded the emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) describing the former Vice President as the best man to rescue the drifting Nigeria.
Atiku had defeated other aspirants at the just concluded PDP convention in Abuja last Saturday to emerge as the party’s flag bearer for the 2013 presidential election.
In a chat with the media on Monday, Chief Nwobodo predicted that Atiku would win the 2023 Presidential election due to his political experience. He described the former Vice President as a detribalized Nigerian who is capable of uniting the country and ensuring fairness, equity and justice. He equally assured that Igbo presidency will be a reality through PDP and Atiku presidency in 2023.

In Chief Nwobodo’s words:

“Atiku’s emergence as the PDP flag bearer in the presidential race has brought a lot of dimensions. It is clearer to me now that PDP will win because of Atiku’s experience. He has been on this for a long time. This is his third or fourth time and I don’t see how anybody else, any other candidate will beat Atiku.

“I am talking about Igbo presidency but the Igbo presidency will come only through PDP. You see, in party politics, there are always two big political parties usually. If you go to Britain, there are two big political parties. If you go to America, two big political parties, the rest are there. So, in Nigeria, there are two big political parties and we have captured one. So, Igbo presidency will still come.

“If we have somebody who has an interest in Nigeria and has a sense of fairness, equity and justice, I am sure Igbo presidency will come. Certainly, I don’t expect to have it in APC.
“The presidency of Nigeria is a very complex thing, so we need somebody who is experienced, who has suffered and who has seen it all. Mind you, Atiku has been a vice president before how many years ago and he did well. He tried the first time, but it didn’t go through.
“He tried the second time, it didn’t go through, this time around he is trying and I believe that through him, we will get the Igbo presidency, and get the Igbo president. I have no doubt, I have just absolute confidence in him, his ability to make things work.

“No, Atiku is a Nigerian to the core and he has a keen and fair sense of justice and fair playing. You see, when you are dealing with somebody, you are picking him because he has a keen and fair sense of justice, so even if it doesn’t come now, it will come and he was also a founder of the party, I am also a founder of the party. Most of us who are founders are no longer around but I am a founder of the PDP, and he is a founder of PDP.”

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