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Ekweremadu : Tamper justice with mercy, speaker house of Reps, Femi Gbajabiamila pleads to UK authorities



The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi GbajabiamilaGbajabiamila, has called for mercy for Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife following their arrest by authorities in the United Kingdom on charges of conspiring to arrange the travel of another Nigerian citizen to harvest his organs. Gbajabiamila described the arrest as a “terrible shock” and said that the revelations were a far departure from the character of the man as he has known him.

Ekweremadu is a distinguished public servant and a dear friend of Gbajabiamila. He has served the people of his community, his state, and his country with vigour and dedication for 24 years. He has also used his office to advance the cause of democracy, champion critical reforms, and advocate for the development of his constituency. Through his Ikeoha Foundation, he and his wife have helped provide access to quality education and healthcare for thousands of people in his community and state.


Gbajabiamila acknowledged that Ekweremadu and his wife are not above the law, but he urged the court to consider their history of honourable living and distinguished service. He suggested that their contributions to a better world and the possibility of penitence through service should be taken into consideration. He expressed confidence that Ekweremadu and his wife have learned from their recent experiences and will be guided by their better angels for the rest of their days.


At the heart of this case are the welfare of two young Nigerians. Gbajabiamila expressed hope that the complaining witness, David Nwamini, will go on to a long and productive life, free from the trauma of his recent travails. He also sympathized with Ekweremadu’s young daughter, Sonia, whose well-being necessitated the unfortunate actions that have now led to these terrible consequences for all involved.


Gbajabiamila concluded by urging the court to live under the law and be just and merciful all at once. He appealed to the court to judge Ekweremadu on the totality of his life rather than solely on this last worst act. He also called for mercy to be shown to the Ekweremadu family, especially for Sonia’s sake, as she would be deeply affected by her parents’ punishment.



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