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Enugu Governor-elect Mbah appoints Transition Committee Selects prof Nebo:

ENUGU : Dr Peter Mbah Inaugurates transition committee


Enugu State Governor-elect Dr. Ndubuisi Mbah has inaugurated a transition committee to help achieve his administration’s manifestos. Speaking at the event which took place at the Old Enugu goverment lodge, Mbah emphasized the importance of private sector investment in driving economic growth, as the public sector alone cannot achieve the level of growth required. He called on private sector investors to take advantage of the conducive environment in Enugu State to invest in business, and tourism. In addition to economic growth, the Governor-elect also stressed the importance of improving the social sector, including education, healthcare, sanitation, environment, and most importantly water resources.


The committee is chaired by Ike Chioke, a renowned investment banker and engineer with over 30 years of experience in the banking industry. Chioke highlighted the importance of teamwork and a sense of urgency in executing their mandate, and he urged the committee members to prioritize practical solutions that can be implemented to achieve the set goals.

The committee will work on strategies to attract private sector investments, boost economic growth, enhance the social sector, explore opportunities in agro-allied industrialization, energy, mineral resources, and equip the youth with digital skills.


During the inauguration ceremony, Professor Pat Utomi joined via Zoom to give a brief history of Nigeria, highlighting how Ibrahim Babangida introduced a free education program for Nigerians. He also pointed out that the government is the greatest threat to the capitalist system in Nigeria, and he charged everyone present to do their best to make the dreams of the Enugu people come true.


The Governor-elect also urged the committee members to take the “I can do” spirit of the Igbo people to heart and work towards achieving the goals of the Enugu people.

The event was filled with hope and optimism for the future of Enugu State, with both the Governor-elect and the committee members showing full commitment towards achieving their goals. The committee is expected to produce a verifiable and recognizable roadmap to achieve the set goals.

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