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Enugu State will be wired up with CCTVs like we did in Ozalla – Frank Nweke Jr

Frank Nweke Jr, Gubernatorial Candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance in Enugu State has continued to reel out his plans for Enugu State showing his precedent, practicality and confidence to deliver.

At a recent gathering organised by Pacesetter Frontier Magazine, in Enugu Mr Nweke jnr has further buttressed his thoughts on insecurity and how he would address it.

He highlighted the six immediate steps he shared as solutions to the State government in the preceding weeks and went on to unveil more things he would do to mitigate the security threats should he be elected as governor.

Nweke stated that the most important tool to prevent or solve crime is Intelligence gathering and monitoring. Hence, he would work with traditional rulers, town union leaders and local vigilante groups, holding them accountable to provide the accurate information needed by security agencies to work.

He went on to share that technology will also be deployed to aid with intelligence gathering and monitoring, noting that it had been done in his community of Ozalla.

My administration will ensure that the entire city of Enugu and other satellite cities are wired up with Closed-Circuit Television and have functional state-of-the-art situation rooms. We came together as private citizens to do this in my community of Ozalla, along with solar-powered street lights. Abia and Lagos currently have the same installation. Enugu will have the same. We will incentivise other communities to do the same in partnership with the government.”

In addition to the above, he said that a hotline will be provided to enable citizens to call in with necessary information or emergencies while also improving the rapid response system in the State.

We will expand support for the statutory security agencies for improved strategic, tactical, and combat operations. We will support them with the right vehicles, communication and other equipment needed to get their jobs done.

“We will also engage the use of technology closely. We will deploy geo-tracking devices, aerial force and drone technology for improved surveillance especially in the forest areas.

“Today, we have young people in Enugu State already providing practical solutions to local problems. We will work with them, provide the necessary training and international partnerships where needed to ensure we solve our insecurity challenges together”

He also highlighted the pursuit of a close partnership with Federal Authorities to deploy more human and material resources to the State and closed out the segment by promising to ensure open communication with the public to ensure they are carried along and apprised of the true state of things at every point.

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