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  • Peter Mbah and deputy consult widely in the New York City.
Mbah's Inauguration:

Peter Mbah and deputy consult widely in the New York City.

The quest to provide good leadership has taken a new turn as the Enugu PDP’s gubernatorial candidate, Peter Mbah and deputy consult across borders.
The Peter Mbah’s US meet-and-greet session organized by the chief coordinator B. D Bennett and her competent organizing team has clearly answered some of the lingering questions in the hearts of ndi Enugu in the diaspora.

According to M.O. ENE

If there were doubts about the potentials of PDP gubernatorial candidate and running mate, Barristers Peter N. Mbah and Ifeanyi Ossai respectively, they were erased last night/early this morning in the Big Apple—New York City. The third leg of their US meet-and-greet visits was a gathering that packed the punch of an energy drink: calm, cool, controlled, pleasant, and refreshing. The inclusion of northeast USA community in continuation of their thank-you visits to Enugu State constituencies home and abroad was a thoughtful gesture.

Peter did not come to talk ‘problems’ nor to campaign—the Diaspora do not vote; he came for sane solutions and potential partnerships and to embrace the Diaspora communities as staunch stakeholders and partners in progress. He harped on transformational leadership, e-governance, enabling economic environments, and working together to peel potentials that will benefit all citizens.

Though yet to unveil his manifesto, four proposals popped up:
1. Disruptive, creative, and radical innovation,
2. Making Enugu a magnet for regional renaissance,
3. Enabling private sector to inject funds into the economy,
4. Growing state economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion.

In his speech that flowed like butter on warm bread, Peter revisited these proposals with data and extensive experiences in managing a multibillion-dollar company, Pinnacle Oil & Gas.

The demands raised by diasporans included:
1. Dismantle the many eyesore billboards that deface Enugu.
2. Make Enugu a solar city and fix ravaged roads across the state.
3. Reposition IMT to “MIT of Africa” and pursue advanced science and technology.
4. Revive the state’s daily news outlet, Daily Star, to provide professional mass communication and curb the cycle of 24/7 fake news by bedroom bloggers.
5. Rejig the diaspora office to serve state communities outside Enugu State better.
6. Scrap sponsorship of pilgrimages and reinvest the funds into annual diaspora general returns to boost tourism.
7. In the mantra of ‘e nye ndị ebe à, e nye ndi ebe,’ provide a functional university campus for Enugu West senatorial district.

Peter passed the tests on camaraderie, capacity, competency, and courage, including a testy situation of taking criticism with humility. Attendees applauded his promises of a linked light rail network, second international air carrier, waterways, oil and gas, and enhanced economic environment. Security was a core concern; the loudest ovation greeted community policing, possible with community controls or town governments. Not to foreclose on other candidates, but the visit vented a fresh fragrance of a better tomorrow in the air, a tomorrow waiting to dawn a few months hence.

A colorful brief biographical booklet gave attendees more than they had bargained. As if that was not enough, Peter expanded in his smooth salesman speech that held the audience captive throughout. For our young ones to learn the essence of hard work, honesty, humanity, and humility, I encouraged a full biography to capture the story of Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, a man of the moment, a man ahead of his time, and a shining diamond: Anụkaényí na Nkanụ.

In his vote of thanks, Ifeanyi Ossai wowed a stunned select audience with his thought process and lovely locution. He extemporized eloquently about his readiness to serve as a team player and expressed profound gratitude for the rousing reception. A surprising shining star, Peter got an “added value” capable of a productive campaign.

The star-studded gathering on a midweek in Midtown Manhattan featured folks from afar and near. Professor Chris Ohuruogu and Barrister Victor Udeh were in attendance. Professor Emmanuel Nnaemeka-Agụ rolled down from Massachusetts. First female President of Enugu USA, Obiageli Clara Ada Igbo, flew in from Maryland. Architect Jake Udeh came from Pennsylvania, while Dr. Ijeoma Ozoude (Adadiùgwù) of Maryland made a dash drive to represent current Enugu USA President, Dr. Chii Agbayi.

New Jerseyans who braced and beat the rush-hour, Lincoln Tunnel traffic from across the Hudson River and $100 tolls and parking tabs alone included Chief Izu Onyeani, former chairman of Enugu USA Board of Directors, Gbuluichi Victor Akpu, Hon. Emmanuel Udekwe, and Hon. Mrs. Franca Atubi.

The locals included brethren I had known for years: Chief Bonnie Eze, an assistant city commissioner, Dr. Ezejiofo Udeh (Igede n’Egede), Chief Nath Igbokidi, and many I had never met. Great to meet and greet Hon. Paul Chibuzor, the soccer Sayama, for the first time since Sullivan Chime’s regime, and Chief, Mrs. Vero Aneke (V-Power) and her family.

Congratulations to Peter and Ifeanyi for concluding the demanding three-day cross-country visits: California, Texas, and New York. As Nigerians wait for the campaign bell to ring, many diasporans are ready to exercise the powers within their reach to produce a good gubernatorial outcome. One attendee told me that if Peter could deliver a quarter of his proposals, Enugu State will be great.

It was a pleasant evening many asked to repeat at a bigger forum with an enlarged community participation and on a weekend. The outing had enough food to feed a famished force and enough drinks to drown a school of sharks. There was a takeaway galore of packaged gourmet grubs guaranteed by Mrs. Iroko Aneke and Mrs. Nnam

Kudos to the chief coordinator and competent controller, Pastor B. D. Bennett, and her organizing team, including ardent online-offline Peter Mbah supporter, Hon. Chuma Nnam, Hon. Onyema Udeh, Ọzọ Law Okolo, Mr. Eddy Iroko Aneke, Mr. Arinze Ugwuoke, Evangelist Theresa Omeje, Barrister, Mrs. Uche Obayi-Onuaguluchi, and co-moderator, Engr. Chibuzor Nweke.

Above all things, Peter was reminded of the philosophy of his name: “Ndụ bụ isi”: Life is the essence of existence—not narcissistic acquisition of wealth. He gets it: In his proposed transcendental transformation, he posited that it was no longer more about us (“How much more do we really need?”); it was much more about our coming children—the future of our humanity on earth. With this perspective, the theme, “Tomorrow is Here,” took on an added meaning: For the future and to life.

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