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3 Types of Presidential Aspirants Within APC’ – Okorocha

The former governor of Imo state and presently a frontline aspirant for 2023 presidency, Senator Rochas Okorocha, has declared there are three types of presidential aspirants in the All Progressives Congress (APC).
He addressed why many politicians have purchased the presidential nomination form of his party, the APC, in a recent interview on a National TV.
Senator Okorocha on the three types of presidential aspirants in APC, stated as follows:

“We have three categories of presidential aspirants. First, 70 percent of the aspirants are those who believe that they can be anointed by the presidency. Such people are numerous and have emerged from various parts of the country. They believe that they would be anointed as vice president if they did not become president. They are not considered aspirants until the presidency makes a pronouncement on them. Therefore, you do not see them taking any actions beyond granting TV appearances. The second group are presidential aspirants who think they possess the resources required to bulldoze the presidential directives to the end. Such people are motivated by the financial power that they wield.

“The third group is made up of aspirants loved by the people. They believe that the people will entrust them with power. This is currently playing out in the current dispensation. The people waiting for the presidency will join forces with whoever the president chooses in the hope of becoming vice president or receiving a political appointment. Those who believe in their money want to see their money’s worth. Those who are loved by the masses will also see things to the end.”

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